Business Insurance Claims

Storms, floods, fires, industrial accidents – these are just a few of the sudden and unanticipated events that can disrupt a business, damage key equipment and facilities, or destroy valuable assets. Commercial insurance policies are complicated legal documents. Most business people have little or no experience presenting a large property or liability insurance claim to their insurance company. The claims evaluation process can be baffling, and the longer an insurance settlement is delayed, the longer it takes to get back to doing business.

Effective legal representation is critical in achieving a fair settlement within a reasonable time frame. Richard Hayles has more than 30 years’ experience in business insurance law, including property damage insurance, business interruption, and commercial liability coverage. He has acted for both claimants and insurance companies, and has written on insurance law in legal and insurance industry publications. Billington Barristers can provide skilled and effective representation in insurance matters, including litigation when a claim has been declined.

Life and Disability Insurance

Families rely on insurance for financial security and peace of mind when faced with the most stressful situations in life. What happens when the worst happens, and the insurance company won’t pay? If the company has denied your life or disability insurance claim, you need the assistance of an experienced and skilled advocate.

Richard Hayles is the author of “Disability Insurance: Canadian Law and Business Practice”, the leading textbook on disability insurance. He has more than 30 years of experience with life and disability insurance claims, including mediation, settlement negotiations, and court proceedings. Billington Barristers can provide you with practical advice and effective representation in obtaining the insurance benefits that you and your family are entitled to.