December 2013 - Billington Barristers Awarded Recognition for Top Litigation Boutique in Alberta

Acquisition International, a London, England based monthly magazine dedicated to global industry analysis of financial transaction professionals has recognized Billington Barristers as the top litigation boutique in Alberta. Jane Peter, Chief Coordinator of the 2013 Legal Awards stated “the year has not been without its challenges for the legal community but it’s clear from the evidence received that the industry’s professionals have risen to the challenge.” Acquisition International’s legal awards identify and honour success, innovation and ethics across international legal and business communities.

The methodology used was described as follows, “the awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for outstanding work over the last 12 months. Our awards recognized leaders in their respective fields and, crucially, are nominated by their clients and their peers. Our winners are determined by three factors, the first of which is the number of votes received. The voting forms were distributed to the 53,000 plus subscribers of Acquisition International Magazine along with 180,000 legal professionals. The second factor is our substantial in-house research. This is a vital stage because we accept both self and third party nominations. Thirdly, we ask the nominees to supply supporting documents which they feel may cement their nominations – all items we are sent are taken into consideration.”

Billington Barristers is a focused team who concentrate on obtaining precedent-setting judicial remedies to vigorously protect their clients’ interests.