April 2007 - Dealing with Identity Theft Rick Billington interviewed in Forum – Advocis’ magazine for Canadian Financial Advisors.

In the April 2007 issue, he discusses the increasing exposure of businesses and their directors to liability if they fail to take adequate steps to guard confidential documentation or if they fail to take rapid and effective action when it is determined that confidential or proprietary information has been misappropriated. Billington Barristers are particularly experienced in providing representation and advising on innovative forensic and judicial remedies to protect your interests in such situations. As Rick Billington states in the article:

It may not be sufficient to merely report the wrongdoing to the police. Rapid action through the pursuit of civil remedies, including specialized injunctions, may be needed to show that businesses and their directors have acted with proper diligence. In the absence of such diligence, businesses expose themselves to potential claims including the prospect of class action suits.