April 2012 - Canadian Lawyer Magazine Awards Honourable Mention to Billington Barristers in 2012 listing of Canada’s Top Litigation Boutiques.

Following its first nomination in Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s annual survey of the nation’s top litigation boutiques, Billington Barristers has been awarded Honourable Mention, placing it in the company of only 12 other Canadian litigation boutiques.

Canadian Lawyer described its selection process “We ran a short online survey and from there, we drew on the experience of in-house counsel and large-firm lawyers who refer work to these boutiques, conducting a series of confidential interviews to identify the cream of the crop.”

Rick Billington, QC, head of Billington Barristers said “We are particularly pleased to have been awarded honourable mention in this survey. Our focus is on innovative judicial remedies for complex energy, corporate, equitable and insolvency issues. We have developed an efficient team tailored to address our client’s litigation needs.”

Billington Barristers is one of four western Canadian firms named, and one of thirteen nationally. The firm’s client base is focused on western Canada and Ontario.