December 2014 - Billington Barristers Awarded “Best in Injunctions - Canada” and “Best in Intellectual Property Litigation – Canada"

Acquisition International described their methodology in conducting the award process: Our award winners are determined through a rigorous process, which starts when we open the ballot boxes and distribute the voting forms through our partners within the industry.

We combine the votes received – alongside supporting evidence – with our own in-house research to arrive at our final winners' list. This comprehensive selection process ensures that our awards are a true representation of the market and that our winners are truly at the cutting edge of their fields.

AI understands that bigger does not necessarily mean better. Our awards are broken down first by region and then into wider categories, ensuring that every firm has an equal chance – from local to global, niche to full-service.

Richard Billington, Q.C., head of Billington Barristers said “We are pleased with the international recognition given to Billington Barristers by Acquisition International. We have developed a focused group of litigators who have proven experience in extraordinary judicial remedies – injunctions and enforcement proceedings in intellectual property disputes. Our injunction work includes specialized remedies to attack fraud, to recover evidence and to preserve assets. Our experience has been recognized by superior courts throughout Canada, including with our appointment as Independent Supervising Solicitors on complex Anton Piller applications by both the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta and by the Federal Court. Our experience includes extensive files, whether acting for the Plaintiff or Defendant.