December 2014 - Billington Barristers Provides Representation and Consultation on Corporate Governance and Fiduciary Obligations

Canadian case law has recently increased the obligations of corporations to conduct their affairs in good faith. This combines with a steady trend over the past several years that has emphasized the fiduciary responsibilities owed by directors of corporations, and of the obligations of business partners or joint ventures. Billington Barristers is experienced litigation counsel, whether acting for corporations, directors or directors’ committees, partners and in respect to securities charges. Richard Billington, Q.C., head of Billington Barristers is trained through the Institute of Corporate Directors in financial oversight. His ICD training includes the effective governance of Crown Corporations. Rick Billington stated: “Boards of Directors have an heightened obligation to oversee the activities of senior management, and recent cases have particularly brought this to light in non-for-profit and in Crown corporations. We can advise on best governance practices, and in litigation surrounding allegations of breach of director’s duties.”