February 2011 - Richard Billington, Q.C. Addresses National Conference

Rick Billington addressed the Canadian Institute’s conference on Provincial and Municipal Liability, held in Toronto on February 8 and 9, 2011. He was invited to address this national audience on two issues of current prominence in Canadian law. First on the issue of municipal and provincial authority and liability arising when objects blow or fall off of buildings under construction. For the second topic, he spoke on his work in developing legal remedies for municipalities when they have been faced with developers who have become insolvent and abandoned major excavations that pose safety and environmental hazards.

Rick Billington developed a litigation strategy for the City of Calgary to deal with difficulties encountered with developers who fail to address Orders issued by the municipality, and which avoided the significant cost that would have been incurred by taxpayers if the city had to step in to cure defaults by insolvent property owners. He has often presented to national conferences on matters of municipal law, extraordinary judicial remedies and insolvency. The Web site for the Canadian Institute is www.canadianinstitute.com.