January 2012 – Billington Moderates Ethical Oil Debate

Alberta lawyers viewed a showcase debate on the ethics of oilsands development, moderated by Richard N. Billington, QC of Billington Barristers. Greenpeace activist Mike Hudema and journalist Ezra Levant debated the resolution: “That the Oilsands/Tarsands are the most Ethical Oil on Earth” at the Alberta Law Conference held in Calgary on January 27, 2012.

Levant, currently with Sun News Network, is the author of “Shakedown”, a book about Canada’s Human Rights Commissions, and “Ethical Oil”, a book about environmentalism and the Alberta oil sands. Hudema works with Greenpeace in Edmonton, and has participated in the Occupy Edmonton protest. Billington heads the corporate and commercial litigation firm of Billington Barristers and is a champion debater.

The debate featured a unique format in which Billington cross-examined both debaters, as well as put questions from the audience of lawyers.