July 26, 2006 - Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta Appoints Richard N. Billington, Q.C. as Independent Supervising Solicitor

Mr. Justice Hawco granted an Anton Piller Order to The City of Calgary to permit a forensic investigative team to conduct a search for evidence of fraud by an employee. This Order permitted the search of the employee’s locker, car, home, and other location where it was believed that evidence would be found to show that he had defrauded his employer over a lengthy period of time. Richard Billington was appointed by the Court as its Independent Supervising Solicitor, responsible for overseeing the simultaneous execution of the search in multiple locations. His responsibilities also include directing the forensic investigators and providing advice to them, ensuring that the defendant was aware of his rights, and protecting any information that was not relevant to the investigation or that was subject to a claim of privilege. Billington prepared a report to the Court upon the conclusion of the search outlining the results, and continues to provide representation as directed by the Court.