June 2014 - “Attack Fraud”

Billington Barristers continues to develop its experience in actions to attack civil fraud. “There are times when the criminal process cannot or will not be able to provide the appropriate remedies to preserve evidence or recover assets that are in the hands of wrong-doers,” said Richard Billington, Q.C., head of Billington Barristers. “We bring extensive experience in obtaining and executing powerful judicial remedies, particularly in the area of pre-trial orders. In addition to our knowledge of remedies to aid plaintiffs, we have been appointed by courts to act as Independent Supervising Solicitors by appointments in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta and in Federal Court. Our experience extends to successfully representing defendants who have been the subject of improperly obtained pre-trial orders.”

Richard Hayles added “Fraudsters in Canada know that it is difficult for police in the United States and other countries to investigate their activities and charge them. Although the criminal justice system may not be much help in cases of cross-border fraud, civil remedies are available to freeze assets such as bank accounts and real estate. These measures help victims to recover their losses.”

Judd Blitt commented “The advantage of the civil court system is the ability to creatively craft remedies that suit a client’s specific needs. While a criminal conviction may effectively punish someone who has committed fraud, it often leaves the victim without any compensation. We have the ability to draw from a broad variety of pre-trial remedies that will provide a victim of fraud with his or her best chance at recovery.”