March 2012 – Billington Barristers Litigation Team: Experienced Shareholder Oppression Counsel.

The past two years have seen a substantial increase in the number of actions being conducted in Alberta in which it is alleged that corporate directors or managers have acted oppressively or with unfair prejudice to the interests of corporate stakeholders, including shareholders, fellow directors and affiliated corporations. Billington Barristers, led by Richard N. Billington, QC have significant experience in conducting these actions. Remedies can include actions to force the accounting for the misappropriation of a business opportunity, to appoint a receiver to oversee the affairs of a corporation, and to secure the secret (in camera) appointment of an investigation by the Court to examine a business when there are grounds to believe that fraud may be occurring, but where proof of fraud isn’t yet available to the applicant. Judd Blitt of Billington Barristers is an integral part of our firm’s team to provide rapid, effective and innovative litigation solutions to our clients, to Trustees in Bankruptcy or Receivers, or in consultation with in-house counsel.