October 2010 – Billington Barristers moves to Elveden House

Billington Barristers has relocated its office within downtown Calgary, to 1910 Elveden House. 717 – 7th Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0Z3.

The new location, one block away from the Calgary Courts Centre, is in the heart of the downtown core. Our new office is particularly suitable for conducting mandatory mediations of civil disputes, which are required by the new Alberta Rules of Court that come into effect at the end of this month. Parties employing the services of Richard N. Billington, Q.C. as mediator will be able to avail themselves of our boardroom and separate break-out rooms where caucusing may take place.

All E-mail addresses will remain the same. Temporarily, phone numbers will remain unchanged, and it is anticipated that new telephone numbers will be implemented by the third week of October. All information posted on this firm’s website under “Contact Us” will be current.