Corporate Commercial Litigation

Whether engaged in litigation before the court or in a private arbitration…

Whether involved in dispute over rights and obligations in the oil patch or in a shareholders oppression action or other complex matter…

Billington Barristers can provide experienced representation and advice when a corporate or commercial dispute arises.

  • Corporate disputes - Corporations and their directors are increasingly subject to claims arising from changes in the law including from increasing statutory liability, class actions or evolving legal obligations. We have experience in a wide range of corporate litigation, including
    • shareholders oppression actions,
    • derivative actions,
    • Court ordered investigations to determine if fraud may be occurring in a corporation and in claims of breach of trust and fiduciary obligation,
    • unanimous shareholder disputes
  • Oil and Gas - including disputes related to operating agreements, pooling, off set production, sales contracts, joint venture disputes, breach of obligations and accounting issues. Our litigation strategy is often combined with regulatory applications to maximize the range of remedies available for our clients.
  • Financial Services - enforcement of security; and in taking action against mortgage fraud and other fraudulent activities.
  • Insolvency and Restructuring
  • Injunctions and Emergency Orders