Insurance Disputes

Billington Barristers is extremely proud to have developed a recognized expertise in insurance matters including property and casualty claims, commercial general liability policies, business interruption coverage, professional liability insurance and subrogation. We have acted for both insurers who dispute liability and coverage regarding an insurance claim; and also for insureds who are claiming coverage from their insurer after experiencing a loss.  Our years of litigation experience have taught us to take a pragmatic, cost-effective, and results-orientated approach to insurance litigation.

Property and Casualty Insurance

Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of property damage litigation, including investigation, defence, mediation, and trial. We handle complex matters involving difficult scientific and engineering issues. Our experience with litigation in the oil and gas industry has led to a deep understanding of all aspects of this business, which gives us with an edge in dealing with property damage claims in the energy sector.

Liability Insurance

Our lawyers can deal effectively with a wide range of liability claims, including negligence and occupiers’ liability, incidents involving a malfunction in a large industrial plant, and professional liability claims. Our understanding of common coverage clauses and policy exclusions allows us to provide comprehensive and reliable coverage opinions, and to represent insurers capably in duty to defend applications. We have extensive background and experience in municipal liability, product liability, directors’ and officers’ liability, and professional liability insurance claims.


The right of subrogation gives the insurer an opportunity to recover  damages from negligent third parties, thereby reducing the company’s costs on large claims. We employ a pragmatic, settlement-oriented approach to these cases, in order to increase the likelihood that the pursuit of subrogation leads to the timely and cost-effective resolution.

Richard Hayles has more than 30 years’ experience acting for clients in insurance disputes including mediation, settlement, negotiations and court proceedings. He is the author of a widely-quoted insurance law text book Disability Insurance: Canadian Law and Business Practice, and has written and lectured on a broad range of insurance topics.